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Cruise Ship Doctors – International Company based in UK European or Worldwide Travel

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  • Salary: £48950 - £68850
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Job Description

Cruise Physicians / Cruise Ship Doctors

UK, European and International Candidates

Previous experience required practising as a Doctor.

Available to Graduates, experienced General Practitioners, European and International General Practitioners!

Min of IELTS 7.0 overall, with a minimum score of 6.5 in each skill domain (reading, writing, speaking, listening) acceptable alternatives to IELTS (eg OET Band B)

Company information:

We are working with a cruise company. The doctors will be double-branded, so they could work on any ship through multiple brands. The organisation is part of a large USA-based corporation, but we are recruiting for Cruise Air Liners from the UK and the messages will evolve to other places and destinations throughout the word. Market leader, known for his heritage and prestigious brand.

Luxury cruises, known for history and the first transatlantic to make transatlantic crossing

The working day:

2 clinics per day, working 7 days a week

2 hours AM clinic & 2 hours PM clinic

In the clinics, our crew and SDOC will take care of the guests

On call: Crew and Guests

Snr Doctor and Doctor will share in the broken call, worked among them.

The applicant must speak English

While on the call you need to be anywhere on the ship with the pager.

Nurses are the first responses on board and will call the doctor if necessary.

If you are not on call and there are medical emergencies – you are still expected to attend and help.

Recruitment process:

– CV & Pre-Interview Questionnaire

– 30 min Telephone interview

Evaluation of the final stage:

United Kingdom: Face-to-face evaluation day

Foreigners: Skype Interview


Medical degree • GMC record or current medical record in the following countries: • Australia • European Union countries • Hong Kong • New Zealand • Singapore • South Africa • Canada • United States of America

3 years Post Foundation Doctor Year 1 required (Foundation Year 2, plus two years as Senior Officer of the High Age Chamber)

  • Minimum of six months of recent experience within A&E and within a Critical Care Environment
  • Competent experience in airway management – intubation and conscious sedation
  • Competence in the management of common cardiac cases and the ability to lead a cardiac arrest team
  • Able to reduce common fractures / dislocations
  • ALS (Advanced Life Support) / ACLS (Advanced Cardiac Life Support)

Please note that for registered candidates who do not belong to the General Medical Council they must have IELTS and must confirm their acceptance for the position – That you did the academic version of the test.- That has a score of at least 7.0 in each test area and an overall score of 6.5- Who has these scores in the same test- That you have these scores in your most recent test session- The original number of the test and test report form. Candidates enrolled in the General Medical Council there are no requirements for IELTS.

In addition to the clinical experience, customer service is very important. Contracts: Permanent role of employment, we understand that some people want to work at sea because of the experience we ask for a minimum of 1 year of commitment.

  • 200 days• 243 days 12 weeks in 12 weeks discount 12 weeks in 6 weeks discount

44,844 euros per year (Approx. 62,600 GROS) 69,612 dollars per year 54,504 euros per year (Approx. 79,255 GROSS) 84,573 dollars per year.

There are opportunities for professional progression, a program of structures to work through skills to increase salaries as a doctor and work towards the role of Senior Doctor.


  • Tax-free salary
  • Annual travel allowance – Medical officers now receive an annual allowance for all travel, lodging and meal costs to and from the gateway airports within their country of residence • Local license – Officers doctors have the ability to apply for a license at their port of incorporation / departure
  • Training days – CUK remains committed to offering our medical officers a comprehensive training program, included in the 200 or 243 working days is an allowance for up to 10 days of training
  • Private cabin (with butler service)
  • Guest Privileges / Full-deck privileges
  • All your food, accommodation and uniform is included
  • Accompanied travel policy – This scheme allows a nominated travel companion to travel with you on board without cost for four months over a twelve month period
  • Travel the world!

What training will I receive?

Before joining the ship you will attend a 3-day course that will be 2 days of prehospital care and emergency response calls on board and then an induction day that is company-specific in the hands of our medical management team side of the coast. There are other courses available that are compulsory training, once you have been in business for 243 days you have 10 days of training that you can then choose and choose which courses would like to attend.

GMC revalidation is fully compatible with GMC and they are able to offer revalidations on land. Compensation While doctors are practicing within GMC guidelines they are on board, they are covered with respect to compensation.

I have a family at home, can I bring them?

There is an accompanying travel policy that allows people to bring family and friends on board, this assignment if 4 months of the year, there are a couple of considerations with this: – 3 of our boats are adults only therefore no one under 18 Years are able to travel. This benefit is carried out after 6 months of probation nobody is able to travel with them on their first contract. – They need to make their way to and from the ship their time on board with respect to food and accommodation is free, Costa alcohol, etc. It is paid. – It is free for them to stay in the doctors cabin, if they wish to organize a separate cabin this is depending on availability and will be for an additional cost.

What promotional opportunities are there?

Doctors can work through competitions to increase their salary as and work through gangs, then once they have 243 days of sea and have worked through the competitions they will be eligible to apply for a Senior Doctor. Salaries and benefits increase with this role.

What medical support do I have?

Senior doctors on board have their promotion through maritime time and experience in maritime medicine. In addition, there is always guard support from the coast side to discuss clinical decisions. Where and how do I join my ship? Doctors can potentially join the ship anywhere in the world depending on the port, flights and transfers will be reserved and arranged by the company, will also provide nifida for taxis, food, etc. If you spend more this can be claimed for expenses.

What if something happens at home?

We understand that people have lives and families at home, we can organize a compassionate license and you will get the Home Doctor considered appropriate by the HR Manager on board.


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